Sex Doll Is Getting Nigerian Men Excited and Ready To Order

You think you’ve seen it all? Well, think again.

Men on Twitter are having a field day over these photos of a curvaceous sex doll that has been making the rounds on the social platform, and they are using the opportunity to throw jibes at the womenfolk.

The dolls reportedly took costs about 800,000 Naira, and going by the tweets we’ve seen, it’s a sum a lot of men are willing to part with if it can get them a non-nagging companion.

See some of the tweets below:

I hear the sex doll even moans

Better than these babes that will be doing hash hashhhhh hasssshhhhh
— Cinderella Man

Sex doll ain’t asking 1000 questions while y’all watching a movie neither one of y’all seen before.
— IG: TrillestAC

That sex doll not gonna ask why I’m liking other bitches pictures
— Davidt
I even hear you can buy new head for the sex doll. Just in case Nkechi is starting to look boring, change her to

When you usb plug your sex doll into the internet and she learns how to two hand combo suck your meet without having to cheat on you and learning from another nigha >>>>
— Na.

When you come home drunk ready to phyuk your sex doll but you forgot to charge it and now you gotta phyuk your girl pic.
— WopThuggerWee

“Those sex dolls can’t suck your dick like I can ”
Ma’am that sex doll won’t complain about its jaws hurtin. I just gotta tap 3 buttons and its mouth will turn into a suction cup with massage and lubrication functionality. You’re obsolete beloved.

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