Ycee Blast Nigerians who can't really afford 41,000K National Jersey [arew

Rapper comes for those shading Nigerians who can't afford N41,000 national jersey

Ycee (Instagram/Iam_Ycee)

Ycee has got a few words for those who are shaming Nigerians who cant afford the N41,000 price tag of the original national team jersey.

The price of the official jersey for the Super Eagles of Nigeria was announced about a week ago which sent Nigerians into a frenzy on social media.

However, Ycee who most times has a thing to say about social issues took to his Twitter page on Friday, June 1, 2018, where he called those who criticised Nigerians for buying the fake jersey over the perceived ridiculously expensive N41,000 original jersey.

"Wasn’t gonna say anything but I think it ’s somehow that y’all clowning people buying fake jerseys when you know a lot of us (majority of the nation) can’t afford 41,000 naira for a Jersey,"he tweeted.

Well, whoever is shading Nigerians for buying what they can actually afford must have a lot of questions to answer as to why he thinks they shouldn't sew their clothes according to their material.
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