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Monday, 14 May 2018

Yahoo Boys Are Armed Just Like Drug Dealers, Thieves, They Don’t Deserve To Be Glorified – Olamide Reacts To EFCC Arresting Yahoo Boys

Olamide Adedeji, 

the creative director and lead producer at Soundcity TV has reacted to the recent raid of Club 57 in Lagos where EFCC arrested over 10 suspected internet fraudsters.
According to Olamide:-
‘Yahoo boys are armed robbers. Armed with computers harming people and corporations. So please, file them next to Drug dealers, thieves, money launderers etc. They don’t deserve to be glorified, praised or emulated. We need this reality check’.
He added that, ‘for those that are idolizing Yahoo people. That isn’t the Nigerian dream. That is pure FRAUD! Imagine you wake up in the morning & your life savings are gone only to be used to pop champagne and drive cars and nurture bad habits. Authorities must nip this trend in the bud, FAST!’.

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