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With pleasure, we are pleased to announce to you.
The face of AREWAALLSTARS BLOG winner.

Miss Jochebed Shekonya Solomon best known as 
Mhiz Understand.

With sincere and genuine polls counted Mhiz Understand
Won the face of AREWAALLSTARS BLOG of the week.

Online interview between Arewa Blog and
Jochebed Shekonya Solomon (Mhiz Understand)

Good evening,we happy to have
 you in the house.

Jochebed: My pleasure.

Most People know you with Mhiz Understand,
Can you please tell us your birth name?

Jochebed: OK my name is Jochebed Shekonya Solomon

Nice name I'd say,
So are you a student, if yes which school 
and what the Course you taking.

Yes, am a student studying Mass 
Communication at Kaduna State University.

Wow, that's pretty great.
We'd like to know a bit about you jochebed Solomon.

Am  jovial ,love to write, i love listening to music, 
I don't like travelling, love chatting, 
love anything entertainment 
and I respect Love and friendship.
Mhiz Understand, Mum & Sister

 Lol, we never knew you could write well nevertheless,
As a friend what are some 
challenges you faced, and what your 
view about relationship and dating?

As a friend some challenges I faced in life was giving 
up my own happiness in order to please my friends,
 I know there are times I had to sacrifice 
my last resources to help my friends and I 
find joy in doing that knowing the fact that, 
they end up being happy. 

Talking about relationship and love, it is the
 most important and amazing topic in my life
 and I have made it to be something I should never give up on.. 
And the best feeling is knowing that some one 
somewhere loves you.

Wow, this is great and you've got some really nice view
 about relationships.

Sorry to go personal, are you taken, married or divorced

Am taken

Wow, congratulations,
Well most ladies don't like being single.
So what part of the country are you from and what tribe.

Jochebed: Am from Kaduna State and Gbagyi by tribe.

Wow, nice tribe I heard people form there get alot of lands for free

Do you ever think, if ever someone from kaduna can 
represent us in the entertainment industry nation wide?

Yes of course! 
Potentials does not varies with states.. And come to think of it we have great talented arts in Kaduna who can represent Kaduna in the entertainment industry nation wide.

That's the feeling, we believe our Artist will take us high.

Yes for sure they will because I so much believe in them.

So how did you feel when you got nominated for AREAA FACE OF THE WEEK 
And in what way do you think arewaallstars blog should upgrade and meet up standard.

When I saw my name being nominated as Arewa Face Of The Week, I was surprised and wondered what criteria made me got to that stage, but I also believe that am soaring higher and I really do feel  honoured. 

To my very own opinion, I feel Arewaallstars Blog are doing everything possible to entertain and to disseminate information nation wide.

Okay, this is great and we really happy,  we appreciate you for your wonderful time through this interview.

Lastly: your kd fav artist.

Mayeh ☺

wow .
Thank you very much mhiz understand.

You are most welcome 
Once again it's a pleasure to be interviewed.

With the little we can get, from our winner she sure support every good thing that comes in her way.
Arewaallstars blog really appreciate You Mhiz Understand and to those who took time to vote.

Assurance cover una.

Read little about our second Nominee.

Shamsiya Ibrahim.

Shamsiya Ibrahim, she's a student of Kaduna Polytechnic studying
Local government Administration. She's from the family of 3, happen to be the first and only girl, who hails from Kogi state, She loves chocolate and loves reading novel, she said she's single (you can apply in person). 
Siyah Yusuf
She also have a great view about relationships and dating, well according to her, in quote 
Her favorite artist "Who else....my African gentle man...Ric hassani"
That's all for now.

Thank you fam for your wonderful time.

Please drop comments below, about your view and advise.
Thanks, we still remain loyal Arewaallstars blog anytime anywhere.

Would you like to connect with the Both Nominee?

Facebook: Mhiz Understand
Facebook: Siya oyizah Yusuf.

Dont forget to use the share/comments box. Your opinions matters alot.

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