Sheff gives Reasons why he's changing his Stage name from Sheff to Shimfe, Gospel singer Sheff speaks in an online interview with arewaallstars.

Sheff speaks on why he's changing his Stage name to something more special and mind capturing.

In an an online interview with arewaallstars blog admi. On Monday.

We learnt that, there'll be a change in your stage name Sheff which must people are familiar with can you tell us about it

Yeah I guess this should be the right time for a change of name which is very important for me right now. The new name defines it all

Can you tell us please, why did you decide to take a new step by changing the stage name Sheff

the name sheff is picked from the name chef but with different spelling which means a (chef) head cook but here am (sheff) Gods head cook(worship)

Now am changing the name sheff cos av found a better and right name for myself not that the name sheff ain't good just as u av seen the definition.

That's great sir, we see that your reasons are genuine.

So can you open up to us, what the new stage name, and what the motive behind it sir.

The new stage name is 
which is my birth name☺

The main reason for the name Shimfe is; first unique and it means Change!!!! Buh not Apc's change­čśť

I believe by the spirit of God, that the name carries the spirit of God and it reflects in me.

This is great sir, and we Happy for the new change in name, may God continue to be your source of inspiration.
Not just winning souls, but also expanding the world through music sir.

Thank you sir, my pleasure.

So we don't know, should your audience expect any new stuff from you.

Yes, been working/cooking some stuff lately not yet ready but I would say 30% work has been done.

Okay sir, we really appreciate your time and effort towards this online interview.

I'm glad and appreciate your effort through your works and nice doing arewaallstars blog.

After the great and pleasant interview, Shimfe also shared a testimony, of his recent experience.

 I was in church ending last year during my personal rehearsal, and while singing a brother worked in attracted by the spirit of God through my voice and came in. Note: this brother was not a church type (I remember in his comment: 
"Sir I was just passing and the voice I heard I couldn't resist but to come in") 

lastly to cap it all, my name by the Grace of God reflects in my voice and has the power to change or reconcile anyone to God just by singing.

You can download his song Now

Shimfe: He Loves Me 

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