I became Independent at the age of 18 -"Stephanie Peter's" talks About Woman Power Organization Summit 2018

Stephanie Peters the founder of ''Woman Power Organization" Non-Governmental Organization in an exclusive online interview with the CEO Arewaallstars, about the just concluded ''Woman Power Organization" summit which was held on 27-01-2018.
Stephannie Peters- Woman Power Organization~arewaallstars

We were able to gather relevant information from Stephanie Peters what the summit was all about;


We would like you to tell us your name, where you currently base and what you are into.

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Peters, I am based currently in Kaduna state due to my summit currently happening, but you can find me in Abuja and Lagos too.

As known by people I am the founder of the Woman Power Organization, an organization formed to help grow the young lady into a millennial woman, helping ladies to make money from every business they do. I am an entrepreneur owning different boutiques in Kaduna and Lagos, and also a business coach.

We get to understand you a young lady, with great vision and mindset, can you tell us about Woman power organization, and how it started

Stephanie: OK, it actually started from my struggle when i was growing up, I had to stop depending on my parents at the age of 18 and I realized I needed to stand for myself but no one was there to help me through learning how to be financially capable and mentally capable for the world and now years have passed, and I have being able to make a life for myself, a life that people celebrate me for including my parents.

I wanted to help ladies find a pathway to financial freedom so I chose Kaduna state as my start up location because I felt this is where I grew up and it needs my support, so I started by posting tips on how to become a better lady (boss lady) on Facebook and I realized I was getting a huge line of female followers who kept commenting and texting me, saying they wanted to learn more from my experience and I felt ok why not get this started to help those who have no financial ability and need assistance and to those who have started but need a way up.

The summit, can you tell us what was it all about Secondly where you able to achieve most of your goals and Target during the summit

Stephanie: The summit was held in January 27th as the first for the year and it focused on 3major topics;
1. How to impact your world as a woman
2. How to start a business with little or no money
3. And also how to connect with the right kind of people.
 and yes I did achieve what I wanted to. 
The ladies that attended were very responsive to the teachings and they were ready to learn more. They took notes of everything which made my heart warm, so yes it was a huge success I just can't imagine how good the next one would be.

So, would you say you've made impact in people's life especially people like you? With great vision, but don't know how to start.

Stephanie: Definitely I would say I have because after the summit I got lots of comments and messages from the participants saying it was not a summit they would have afforded to miss and even those that saw the comments wanted to get the feel as well so I'll say it was good, but the thing is its not a thing for just once it's an impact I'll have to keep making because new ladies are rising and would definitely need this same teachings.

Do you get endorsement, or someone who is sponsoring this great vision, even though it's a NGO.

Stephanie: To be honest when I first started I only had 2 sponsors who are Cojotex Engineering and Dminds Tv

But now I have more people coming and wanting to partner with the vision hopefully soon I'll get politicians who who also partner as well as government bodies

Wow, that's more achievement to say
Stephanie: Yes it is, and it makes me so happy to know that people are ready to respond to the great movement

What do you have to tell young women, trying to follow your kind footsteps

Stephanie: I will honestly tell them to learn more and put in the work to make it because I realized many ladies want to make it freely. 
So I would say Get up and Get out, Get out there and let the work let the world see what you have to offer because the world needs the woman to help it grow Okay, we rounding up soon.

 Do you have any other thing to say, appreciation, encouragement to other NGO like you.

Stephanie: Oh I would definitely have to say a big thank you to all my sponsors and media partners like Force Zone, Dminds TV, Open Air Cinema and all those who believed in my dream.

And also, due to the request of people who want to attend, we having another two summit more in May 2018 and September 2018. (No fixed Date yet)

Thank You Stephanie Peters for your wonderful time, and we also pray you reach a greater heights, we will continue to give you maximum support to see your success. Thank You.

See Photos from the just concluded Summit [ Woman Power Organization ] 

Stephanie Peters On Red Dress.  ~Arewaallstars

Stephanie Peters ~Arewaallstars

Stephanie Peters ~Arewaallstars

Stephanie Peters ~Arewaallstars

Connect with stephanie peters @;

Facebook: Stephanie Peters
Instagram: Steph_Peters
Snapchat: stephpeterssss
Phone: +234 9050360593

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