[PHOTOS] If I get rapped, I'll blame my self Ghanaian nude model posted on her social handle; see photos ~ arewaallstars

Bridget Ama Ampomah popularly known as Ama Richest, Ghanaian nude model, who made news a few days back after posing naked with headlines written on her body, has made it known that she will blame herself should she ever get raped.
Her nude photos which automatically went viral last week, sparked a lot of debate on social media, with many slamming the pictures while others called it art. Reacting to all the comments online Ama Richest, said should her nudes ever cause a man to commit rape, “well I’m going to blame myself,” she admitted.

She, however, added that “there is no way someone is going to rape me because I take very good care of myself.” On her motive behind the nude photos, Ama said; that is my brand and who I am, I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not just to make people like me.
That’s why I love Shatta Wale because he speaks his mind not caring about what people think of him thus the reason for his name also inscribed on my body” On the names and events written on her body; I wanted to remind Ghanaians of particular happenings in the past year because they talk a lot about things that happen then forget easily in a short while.

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